2001: The Gathering in Franconia
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The Schedule
Remember: The whole idea this year is to have very few official events. If you want to organize an activity, either at Peabody Lodge or elsewhere, let us know and we'll add it to the schedule.
This page was updated on July 17, 2001.

4 - 6 PM Welcome/Registration Table open.
4:00 PM until closing Cash bar;
Cheesecake Hustler’s Magical Culinarical Cook-Off and Pot Luck Feed is On (email Melanie directly for more info at hamilton@ncia.net);
Hang out, play music, take excursions . . .

AM/PM Peabody Lodge available for assorted freelance events, hanging out, happenings, etc.
11:00 AM Site Dedication/Open Ceremony          
Reclaim Our Psychic Heritage
Bring Intent.
Location: Main Building Site
12 - 2 PM  Beth Simon artist hours at her exhibit at The Gallery At WREN - Bethlehem
 4 - 6 PM Welcome/Registration Table open at Peabody
Cash bar open, limited appetizers (probably) available
1 - 3 PM Raine Newman's slide presentation of his color photography - Downstairs Peabody
3 - 5 PM Poetry Reading - Downstairs Peabody
5 - 6 PM
The Debate - Ned Depew and Winston Watnick
Note: If this event doesn't happen, Raine's presentation and the Poetry Reading will begin an hour later than indicated above.
6:00 PM "Dress" Banquet (whatever "Dress" means to you)
8:30 PM until closing The Probably Not Annual Marshall McLuhan-Garry Trudeau-Sam Bass-Janet Reno-Hart Crane-Ernest-Hemingway- Robin Williams-Don Knotts-Birthday Ball

10:30 AM Focused Group Conversation, with coffee and danish, hosted by David Goldblatt. Downstairs Peabody.
Discussion: One of the principles underlying the Franconia College purpose was a sense of community that included the college population and extended into the world in order to create a human community. We'll talk about community and what we share in common and whether this "community of the world" stuff is a noble myth or something we can pursue.
12 Noon Brunch
After Brunch  Take-Your-Own-Photo Ops on the hill;
After Photos: goodbyes; closing optional



2001: The Gathering in Franconia

2001 Info Page
questions? email howie@franconia.to
wind chimes by Jeb Bush, photo by Morgan Ackerly