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July 20-22, 2001: Gathering in Franconia
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March 2002 or 1959?

Below, preserved for posterity, is the final version of the 2001 Gathering web page.
It's the Provisional Until-We-Pull-Things-Together
2001 Gathering In Franconia
Semi-Official Central Propaganda Module

The Basics
when: July 20-22, 2001
where: Peabody Lodge, Cannon Mountain 
Franconia, NH
why: Don't ask. We don't know.

Report from the July 7 Meeting
We hope to have this posted within the next two to three weeks. Oh, all right, click away!

Report From the June 9th Meeting
Latest rant from the cuddliest cabal since the Chicago Seven.

Past Pronouncements
For the historically minded. In other words, lunatics.


On Exhibit:

Cast as a Woman::New Symmetry
Sculpture by Beth Simon
July 12 thru August 3
extended to August 11
New work inspired by the artist's recent experience
with Ductal Carcinoma in Situ diagnosis and subsequent mastectomy
The Gallery At WREN
2011 Main St
Gallery hours Daily 10-4 except tue.
Artist hours. Saturday July 21 12-2pm 

The Registration Form
Pre-registration needed to be in our hands by June 15 to receive the museum-quality, endlessly fascinating, investment-grade gift. But it's all over now, baby blue.
Final registration deadline is now July 13 and is now History..

The Schedule
Events will begin and end precisely at the planned moment. Without exception. Anyone arriving late will either be excluded or forced to work in the cafeteria. Or not. Your reality may vary.

Who's Coming?
The list keeps growing, and is up-to-date as of 7:15 AM on July 20!        That's a wrap!

Places to Stay
Copied from last year -- we refuse to be responsible for any changes since that time. Actually, we weren't too responsible last year either.


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wind chimes by Jeb Bush, photo by Morgan Ackerly