2001: The Gathering in Franconia
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Who's Coming?

(84 as of July 20th)

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The Registered:

Malcolm Boyd 
Steve and Rose Darrow 
Steven Konover 
Helen Miksits 
Jodi Mitchell 
William Morey 
Mia Morsack Sohn 
Laura Wessner
Mark Shapiro
Peter Crook
Fred Findling
Michele Allison
Brad Whipple
Eileen Riman
Mark Denil
Steven Hecht
Jeff Greenfield
Holly Finlay
Marilinne Cooper
Judy Wallace
Howie Lyhte
Richard Mellor
Melanie Hamilton
Mark Chain
Mark Gorman
Adelina Axelrod
Julie Green (Dowse)
Laurette Hribal
John Bigelow
Lorraine Saltre (Hilvar)
Jim Montgomery
Rocky Hoyt 
Bill Manser
Ken Westhaver
Ben Halprin
Franck (Gibb) Gibney
Lorraine Lombardi
Winston Watnik
Marbury Wethered
Michael Brackney
Tom Waldman

those named above are the Early Registrees upon whom will be
bestowed a Thing of Wonder and Amazement

Mary Anna (Chabot) Abuzahra
Silvia Kolbowski
Bob Busan
Craig Stiles
Raine Newman
Erhard and Sydney Mahnke
Bryant Thayer
Mike and Pat Garvin
Ned Depew
Natalie Woodroofe
Doug Amsbary
Ruth Winter
Dennis Sullivan
Seja Rachael (Randee Glassman)
Ken Abramson
Nancy Wallace
David Goldblatt
Michael Aronson
Carol Rau-Hewitt (Westhaver)
Tic Ward
Elisa Bernstein
Jeb Bush

Planning On Coming:

Ann Ackley
Elizabeth Henley
Geoffrey Gross
Jerry Shinners
Kathleen Peabody
Leslie Lamarre
Laurie Peckins
Anthony Petruzzi
Roger Cucci
Stephen Mette
Stephen Tunick
Tim Brown
Frank Easton
Stephanie Burns
Nick Young
Peter Bradley
Randy Bloom
Gene Mason


2001: The Gathering in Franconia

2001 Info Page
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wind chimes by Jeb Bush, photo by Morgan Ackerly