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Reunion 2000 Package: If you registered but didn't come to the reunion, you'll should get all the "stuff" soon:  packet, video, photo.

If you didn't register or if you want additional copies of the items below, email Judy Wallace at to arrange your purchase.

Franconia College Y2KR Better Late Than Never Yearsbook, a great book edited by Ned Depew especially for our reunion. There are still 40 books available, $10

Official Franconia College Y2K Reunion Video, now available, $11

Other Stuff

Main Building T-Shirt, Last Call
Wednesday, September 27th

I'm going to hold the second printing of the t-shirt with the Main Building on the front and the Jeb's windchimes on the back. The available colors are Salmon, Flo Blue, and Seafoam and they are available in Youth Medium and Large, Adult Small through Extra Large. The cost will be $8.00 per shirt plus $3.00 for shipping, total, not per shirt. 

I will run the shirts late next week and will take orders through October 3. You can mail orders with checks to me at: Amalgamated Culture Works, 420 Pine St., Burlington VT 05401. 

You can order by credit card to Or call 800-272-2066 between 8 am and 5 pm, Eastern Time. 

I will need your mailing address, color(s) and sizes. 

This will surely be the last printing ever of these hot puppies. 


Video by Skip Lau -- Poetry Reading, $15  -and-  Leon being Leon, $15

I video taped the complete poetry reading at the reunion and have unedited video tapes available for whomever would like one. They will probably run you about $15 (Whatever it cost me for tape, dubbing and shipping). E-mail me at and I will send one off to you. You can send me the money after you receive the tape. I also have copies of the Leon interview available ("Leon being Leon"), which was taped at Bard College days before the reunion and is Leon talking specifically about his time at Franconia. Same deal as above.

Tee Shirts by Morgan -- $18 includes shipping, choice of design, adult and children's sizes. For more information click here

"This shirt was better than advertised, just excellent, I am really happy with it. Thank you very much. If you ever need a commercial endorsement for your shirts, feel free to use me. I am thrilled. Thanks again, Michael Brackney"

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wind chimes by Jeb Bush, photo by Morgan Ackerly