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College Project Grants
The College Project Grants are given to help pay expenses for academic projects by undergraduate students. They will be awarded on the basis of both merit and financial need. We will look for those projects that creatively explore new cultural territory and serve important community needs.

This May we will begin issuing grants for the 2001-2002 academic year. We plan to give 2-3 grants totalling $750 at each of three schools: Hampshire College, Marlboro College and Simon's Rock College of Bard. In future years we hope to expand the program to other schools.

College Project Grants:

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About the Schools

Hampshire and Marlboro Colleges have programs quite similar to Franconia College. They have very small student-faculty ratios, self-governance and extensive written student evaluations. They emphasize close faculty-student relationships, student-designed programs of study and the breaking down of interdisciplinary boundaries. The senior year at both schools is dedicated to the completion of an ambitious independent study project that is subject to rigorous evaluation. Proposals for the fall are submitted to faculty advisors each spring.

Simon's Rock College of Bard has the unique mission of providing a supportive environment for high-school age students ready to begin their college work. The student-faculty ratio is very small and the relationships are close and informal. Simon's Rock often takes risks by accepting students whose abilities are not recognized by standard measures but who demonstrate special talent and potential. Eight credits of the senior year are devoted to the Senior Thesis which is subject to rigorous standards of approval and evaluation. We also should note our special connection to Simon's Rock -- its president is our own Leon Botstein.

Working through these schools simplifies our ability to evaluate applications and administer the grants since much of the documentation is formalized by the procedures already in place. All three schools, each in its own way, also exemplify the broad educational values of Franconia College.

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How you can help: Contact Steven Konover at for more information. Fundraising will be starting quite soon. We also need to form a committee to assess applications for May 2001. We are especially interested in help from those of us with career experience in higher education.


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