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College Project Grants - Franconia College Legacy Fund

The purpose of the College Project Grants of the Franconia College Legacy Fund is to encourage schools and students who exemplify the educational philosophy and innovative spirit of Franconia College. Franconia College was an experimental liberal arts school in northern New Hampshire that opened in 1963 and closed in 1978. Self-governance, independent thinking, creativity and community involvement were all part of the Franconia College experience. These grants will support environments where faculty and students work closely together and where a shared sense of discovery is essential to the learning process.

The grants are to be awarded to undergraduate college students in order to help pay for the costs of academic projects. Travel expenses, materials, services and other costs will be considered. The grants will be awarded on the basis of both financial need and merit. The grants will be issued to the student's college and designated toward a specific academic project. The college will act as fiscal agent in releasing funds to the student.

Fields Of Study - The primary fields of study for the grants are the arts, humanities, environmentalism and community service. Projects that have Franconia College as part of the topic will be given special consideration. Projects in other fields of study will be evaluated but may not be given the same priority.

Evaluation Criteria - To the extent possible applicants should stress the ways in which their projects fulfill some or all of the following criteria:

Originality - Applicants should demonstrate how their projects are both innovative and imaginative.

Social Impact - Some examples of how this criterion can be fulfilled: new perspectives on cultural issues; presenting important information to communities; crossing barriers between fields of knowledge; expanding the reach of the arts.

Community Service - Special consideration will be given to projects that help serve or identify unmet community needs.

Application Process: Submit your application to the appropriate faculty committee at your college. Your academic advisor or Financial Aid office will have information about submission deadlines. The application form lists the required supplemental documents, such as a Letter of Recommendation, Description of Project, Resume and Certification of Financial Need.

Hampshire College: Submit the application to Yaniris Fernández by May 4th. Final selections will be complete by the end of May and the grant money should be available by mid-June. For more information contact Yaniris Fernández.

For more information contact: