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Franconia College Legacy Fund

...but didn't Franconia College shut down over twenty years ago?

Yes, indeed it did. But should a few pesky things like bankruptcy, tearing down our campus and losing contact with most everyone for decades stop us from continuing the educational mission of Franconia College? Most certainly not!

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A Note from Rebecca Goldstein, winner of a $500 scholarship. Rebecca graduated from Profile School in Bethlehem, NH this year and is now attending Vassar College.
Dear Franconia College Alumni, 
Growing up, it seemed as though all my favorite adults had attended Franconia College. When I briefly attended the reunion in July, it became increasingly clear that that was no coincidence. I feel so lucky to have grown up in a town which harbored such a creative, accepting community, and have benefitted greatly from the mere presence of its ideals. The scholarships now being awarded are a wonderful way of passing on that legacy (the fund is aptly named). I can't tell you how much being a recipient meant to me because it came from people I like and respect so deeply. Really, I just wanted to thank you. So, thank you. 

Why A Legacy Fund?

The purpose of the Franconia College Legacy Fund (FCLF) is to recognize endeavors that exemplify the non-traditional educational mission of Franconia College. We want to support students who demonstrate a commitment to independent thinking, creativity and community involvement.

We propose doing this by:

  • providing grants for academic projects by college students
  • awarding college tuition scholarships to students from the Franconia, NH area
  • occasionally making grants for other educational, cultural and charitable endeavors that are related to Franconia College or in keeping with its spirit
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College Project Grants

We no longer have Franconia College but there are still students doing unusually creative work that often goes unrecognized by traditional institutions. There are few programs supporting such work at the undergraduate level.

These grants are to be awarded to undergraduate college students in order to help pay for the costs of academic projects. The grants will be awarded on the basis of both financial need and merit. They will support environments where faculty and students work closely together and where a shared sense of discovery is essential to the learning process.

In May 2001 we issued six $250 grants to students at Hampshire College and Marlboro College. In October we will issue three $250 grants to students at Simon's Rock College of Bard.

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North Country Scholarships

The North Country Scholarships are a way for us to continue our educational mission in the towns close to the former college campus. We will award one-year $500 college tuition scholarships to graduating high school seniors in the Franconia, NH area based on both merit and financial need. We want to help students who explore non-traditional fields of study or demonstrate unusual creativity in the FC tradition.

In May we awarded four $500 scholarships students graduating from Profile School. In future years we may expand the scholarship program to other schools in the area.

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Other Grants

In future years we hope to help young people doing innovative community service in non-academic settings. We can do this through occasional grants to non-profit organizations in support of specific programs.

We also anticipate occasional grants directly related to the cultural legacy of Franconia College, such as archival expenses, research proposals, museum exhibits, etc.

Who are we? What is the Fund?

We are the reunited community of students, faculty, staff and friends of Franconia College. The intitial members of the FCLF advisory committee are Melanie Hamilton, Steven Konover, Judy Wallace, Natalie Woodroofe and Sara Young-Knox. We have not established a foundation or non-profit corporation.

We have set up the Franconia College Legacy Fund within the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (NHCF). Donations are tax deductable. The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation manages the fund and makes grants according to our recommendations.

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How You Can Help

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Donations: Make checks payable to "Franconia College Legacy Fund." Please be sure to include your current mailing address. If you wish, you may also include your phone number and email address. Mail checks to:

FCLF c/o Judy Wallace
P.O. Box 547
Bethlehem, NH 03574
Donations are tax-deductable. The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation will mail receipts for donations of $250 or more. Otherwise, the returned check is your receipt. Please let us know if you prefer to give anonymously.

We also are looking for people to help evaluate and approve grant applications. We're especially interested in those of us with career experience in higher education. Each year we'd like to have new people rotate into the Legacy Fund to take the place of those who have already served.

If you want to help or if you have questions you can contact any of us. Our email addresses can be found on the Heard List.

Or contact Steven Konover at



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