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North Country Scholarship Winners

$500 Scholarships to graduating students from Profile School, Bethlehem NH

Kelsey Allen,
University Of New Hampshire, Outdoor Education & Forestry
National Honor Society, founder: Gay/Straight Alliance at Profile School, program leader: Teens Taking Charge (an AIDS awareness weekend), treasurer: Child and Family Services Youth Advisory Board

Ana Fae Koehler,
Museum School of Fine Arts, Boston
Horizon Craft Program, Bennington College summer art program, participated in the Women's Rural Entrpreneurial Network's 'Girl Art and Women 2' exhibitions ('98, '99, '00)

Niki Ramback,
Montana State University, Graphic Art
YMCA camp counselor, class fundraising, participation in local art shows

Rebecca Goldstein,
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY
National Honor Society, All-State Band, founder: Extremely Off Broadway (improvisational theater group), class treasurer: student government, volunteer: Literacy Program, Children's Theater, Littleton Main Street Project

...and the thank you notes:

Rebecca Goldstein: 
Dear Franconia College Alumni,
Growing up, it seemed as though all my favorite adults had attended Franconia College. When I briefly attended the reunion in July, it became increasingly clear that that was no coincidence. I feel so lucky to have grown up in a town which harbored such a creative, accepting community, and have benefitted greatly from the mere presence of its ideals. The scholarships now being awarded are a wonderful way of passing on that legacy (the fund is aptly named). I can't tell you how much being a recipient meant to me because it came from people I like and respect so deeply. Really, I just wanted to thank you. So, thank you.

Niki Ramback:
Dear representers of the Franconia Legacy Fund, I just wanted to make sure I fully extended my gratitude for the scholarship money I received. Without help from such local scholarships, school might not have been an option. So thank you again, it will truly be appreciated. 

Beth Simon (Ana Fae Koehler's mom):
Yesterday my daughter Ana who is graduating from Profile High School in Bethlehem was one of the lucky seniors to receive scholarship money from the Franconia College Legacy Fund. Thank you to the committee for creating this fund and helping local kids. Every bit helps. Schools are a lot more money than when we went to FC!

College Project Grant Winners

$250 grants to students in support of academic projects. We issued six grants to students at Hampshire College and at Marlboro College. In October we will award three grants to students at Simon's Rock College of Bard. The winners are:

Skye Allen, Marlboro College. In support of her 10 week trip to Russia to research the role of the Orthodox church in society from the 19th century to current times. We should note that Skye has taken a seminar with FC's own Don Sheehan.

Carrie Sterr, Marlboro College. To support her short film on the subject of a soldier examining his first combat killing. The filmmaker is a highly recommended student and has had previous work shown at festivals.

Kit Wray, Marlboro College. Kit will study painting in Italy and travel to other places in order to research images of the goddess in a cross-cultural context. He's a non-traditional student in his mid-forties who returned to college after a career as an illustrator. His project will contain both his own artwork and a written paper.

Marcos Meconi, Hampshire College. Marcos is shooting a film named 'Micubami' on location in Miami and Cuba contrasting Cuban identities in both cultures.

Andria Apostolou, Hampshire College. Andria will be in France from June to December to perform cancer research with Dr. Jean Pierre Jaffrezou. Her application was extremely impressive. The title of her project is "Role of rafts in myeloid leukemia cells and connection to apoptosis signaling." Dr. Jaffrezou is an alumnus of Hampshire College and has sponsored other Hampshire students.

Christian Phillips, Hampshire College. Christian will be going to the Philippines to research "the connections between middle class movements and the two female presidencies in the Philippines." Her project title is "Madam President: Women in Philippine National Politics."

...and the thank you notes:

Skye Allen, Marlboro College:
       Thank you so much for the summer grant; I'm trying (and succeeding, suddenly) to put money together from a variety of sources and every individual grant helps a great deal.
       I'm particularly appreciative as someone who grew up in Littleton and Franconia, went to Briar Rose School, graduated from Profile, and throughout it all knew so many interesting and wonderful people with Franconia College connections. I always thought it was interesting that I ended up at Marlboro (after one horrible semester at Oberlin) given Franconia and Marlboro's similar educational/governance philosophies. 
       I will gladly send you samples of my work after this summer and as I put my Plan together over the next year. My ongoing interest in Franconia has been piqued and I'd love to see the Franconia-Marlboro connection developed more fully.

Christian Phillips, Hampshire College:
Hello Melanie! Many thanks to you and the rest of the committee. I'm grateful to be receiving the grant. As my departure for Manila approaches every bit of good news is wonderful.

Marcos Meconi, Hampshire College:
Thank you very much for the award! I am pleased to hear the news…I hope to meet you and the Franconia people someday. Of course, I will let you know when the film is finished. Thank you again.

Andria Apostolou, Hampshire College:
Legacy Fund -- Thank You! Hi! My name is Andria Apostolou and I am going to be a senior at Hampshire College this fall. I just received the offer from the Franconia College Legacy Fund! A big thank you to the committee and everyone else who helped! Thank you! :O)

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