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Compiled by Adelina Azevedo Axelrod -- last update 09-May-2001

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A voracious reader since my earliest memories, I have often thought about what happened to the writers and poets of Franconia College. What might they have published after leaving the White Mountains? Quite by accident one day at a university library I came across one of John Repp's poems published in The New England Magazine. Many years after that incident, I entered John's name into the university's online catalogue. I was surprised to find that the library had in its collection one of his poetry books, A Thirst Like This. This led me to wonder how many Franconian poets and writers might have had their works published. Thus was born the idea for this bibliography.

It has taken me one and a half years to bring this project to its present stage of completeness. Searching for Franconia writers and poets has been a labor of love - often tedious but always joyous. I hope that this bibliography leads my fellow Franconians to their colleagues' and classmates' works, so richly nurtured by the College and its environs. The White Mountains served as a panoramic backdrop to inspire the muse in all of us.

This bibliography is a feast of titles and authors to be search out and read. It includes artists, painters, filmmakers, a comic book writer, and two Pulitzer Prize recipients. One writer spent only a semester at the college - apparently enough to nurture the creative spirit -- and then went on to write for The New Yorker magazine and then on to write several prize-winning books. Another author, a professor of anthropology, won the National Book Award for his book The Broken Cord, and then also published a long list of other books.

Included in this work are writers in the beginning of their literary endeavors, those who are thus far only published in newsletters, others who have yet to find a publisher, as well as those with long lists of publications and awards. More than one hundred authors appear here -- something I find most impressive for a college that was in existence for less than two decades.

Scope and Methodology

While the focus of this work is on monographs, I have included some articles published in journals. I have also listed films and artists who have been written up in different periodicals.

Authors' last names are listed in bold; an asterisk before a name indicates faculty members. The time of their residence is in parentheses. With respect to students, it was extremely difficult to determine their years at Franconia. The years shown represent my best estimates. I may have mistakenly included some authors who never attended Franconia, if their names are identical to someone who did attend. The authors and entries are listed alphabetically.


I give heartfelt thanks to the Franconia College Y2K Reunion Planning Committee, whose members supported me in this project from its earliest stages; and especially to Judy Wallace who so graciously hosted the Planning Committee meetings in her home.

I also thank those people who responded electronically to my query for names. Without their input, this bibliography would have been much smaller. The errors in this bibliography are entirely my own.

I owe a particular debt to Steven Konover for all his efforts in finding Franconian authors, filmmakers and photographers. I also thank my professors at Franconia for believing in me and tolerating my grammatical lapses - especially David Ackley, Robert Grenier, Nicholas Howe, Donald Sheehan, and Nancy Walker.

I also thank Sara Young-Knox, whom I met my first semester in the Fall of 1973. Since then we have shared our life journeys and played Franconia Trivia whenever we would get together -- our own way of re-living those magical days in the White Mountains.

Thanks also to Fred Findling, who made this all possible by starting the Franconia College web site. Without the Forum, this bibliography and the Franconia College Reunion would not have come to realization. And I thank Priscilla McFarland, Susan Goodro, Carrie Meyer, Cynthia Burton and Liz Sizensky for their friendship during my time at Franconia and beyond.

Finally, I offer my gratitude to my husband Alan for driving me to Franconia and Bethlehem for Committee meetings.


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