Musings: Franconia College Reunion 2000
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Franconia Dreams
Thursday, 24-Aug-2000 13:11:29

This is probably "dangerous," but I wonder if others have had recurrent dreams over the years about Franconia? I've had two variations that have repeated a few times each.

In one, the college never closed and I am back there as a returning student - but none of the faces are familiar and I can't find the teacher's offices my classes are supposed to be in. And fauclty and staff I do recognize don't remember me (except for Marge at the door of the caf - so I guess my subconscious figures she'll never forget any of us!) I keep thinking "This is a bad idea - too much has changed. This place is for the new crowd now. I should have never come back." 

That one, I think, was proven wrong by the reuniuon. We can go home again...

The other dream has to do with the college starting up again, and me returning to be a member of the faculty. It usually centers around the porch and drive leading up to it - lots of students milling around, unpacking cars and toting stuff into the building - or heading off across the quad towards other dorms, etc. And me sitting on the backrest of a bench and laughing, thinking: "Boy, are these kids in for a wonderful surprise! They have no idea how great this is going to be! With folks like Dave & Trina, and Nick, and Skip, and (on and on...) they can't possible miss a great education and great times outside the classroom. Oh - if only I were a student again instead of a teacher!" I remember one version in which I follow a bunch of students in and up to the second floor - and when one of them peels off to go into a room I tell him that it used to be my room, don't put your desk in front of the window or you'll never get any work done with Lafayette right out there to stare at! (Which was my problem during my thesis semester... :~})

Damned if I know what either of them really means, 'cept maybe the first is a manifestation of insecurities and the second a longing I've felt all these years to be "back." (Not that I'd ever be a teacher there - too old, too crotchity, too opinionated, too set in my ways.)

Anyway, anybody else have dreams about the place and feel brazen enough to bare them here? Pieces of what we've carried down through the years with us? (Waking dreams are cool, too!)

Al Plante

Re: Franconia Dreams
Thursday, 24-Aug-2000 16:24:56 

My recurring dream - and it is SO REAL that I wake up shaking in my boots - is that I am madly scurrying up to the office to get my Diploma Notarized and it never happens and I am faced with the "dream reality" that I've done all that work for nothing and I have to go home empty handed and "broken". I never graduate in my dream....I also dream that I find my portfolio and all of my negatives from the summer workshops and I begin to live my life all over again - and I am living as a working photographer.
Does anybody remember standing in line waiting to get their diploma stamped in time? 


not dangerous
Thursday, 24-Aug-2000 17:04:15 

I have had several recurring dreams about FC over the years. The main one is about the huds where I lived when I first arrived. In the dream, not unlike in real life, I am visited by other students as well as wandering the huds visiting them. Only the dream starts to shift and there are new students in the rooms I go to visit, and the friends I know have moved to other rooms, etc. etc. Then I'm back in my own room (in current day an apparent storage area for the x-files), the new and old friends and students stream in and out. It's some kind of "get lost in the flow of it" type of dream. Disorienting at first, but then like one huge party.

The other one is about a (still in existence) building in Bethlehem, wherein a blending of all the Premie people I knew melded with all of the other people and you could go there and find anything, anybody you had ever met, or needed. hmmm....

mary anna 

Re: Franconia Dreams
Thursday, 24-Aug-2000 18:23:47 

First, thank you to all responsible for such a memorable week-end. My recurring dream is that I am in the mailroom and I see my mailbox filled with mail, but I can't remember the combination. I don't want to even try to analyze it-but I've had it numerous times over the years. 


Re: Re: Franconia Dreams
Thursday, 24-Aug-2000 18:42:37 

I've had a recurring theme, never exactly the same. I'm walking around in the main building, 4th floor, the hall leading to the wing where Westhaver's studio was located. 

Squatters are occupying the building. Some are in rooms, others are in sleeping bags in the halls. 

The building's fairly stripped. The 4th floor is like an attic. Drafts are blowing through broken windows. 

And the thought occurs to me, "Jeez. I could live here!"


Re: Franconia Dreams
Thursday, 24-Aug-2000 20:53:09 

I had a bizarre dream while AT Franconia. I know, that's not unusual, but it foreshadowed reality. It had to be the Spring term of '71. At that time the theatre was on the second floor of Dow. Before the renovation of Dow and the theatre was even a thought, I dreamed that we were having Theatre clsses in the cafeteria because the Theatre was being renovated. In my dream, I was walking into the cafeteria for a Theatre class, Ron Bennett and some students were in front of me. As they turned to look at me they suddenly froze, startled and pointing in the direction behind me. Befuddled I turned to see someone pointing a gun at me. I turned toward Bennett and , uncharacteristically, saw fear in his face. Another student - Peter Wolman, I think - tried to talk the gunman to put the gun down. But it was to no avail, the gun went off and I was shot through the head. I woke up in a great sweat, and shivering, horrified. 

A year later, Dow was under renovation and we held Theatre classes in the little building below the kitchen - I forget what that building was called. We also rehearsed Julius Ceasar there. More than once, I trembled going to those rehearsals and classes while Dow was being renovated. 

P.S. I saw Peter Wolman at the reunion, actually at the Heritage Museum. I never told him that he played a part in trying to save my life - at least in a dream. Thanks Peter. 

Jim Allen

Re: Hi Alan! Franconia Dreams
Thursday, 24-Aug-2000 22:20:21 

Hi Alan! Since you seem to have "given up" on email, thought I'd catch you here (smile). 

Regarding dreams--11 years ago two Lindas sit in Oregon--one (visiting)is showing the other photos of the main buidling coming down. 

Linda #1 tells Linda #2 that it's eerie because she has this recurring dream of the place and starts to describe it. Linda #2 is in shock because she has had the same recurring dream and can finish it.

Both lived on the same floor in the main building 14 years earlier...strange. 

Experts say it is a common phenomenon to revisit "institutions" in dreams--if FC can be called an institution! 

Linda F.

Re: Franconia Dreams
Thursday, 24-Aug-2000 22:44:58 

I've had two recurring dreams over the years. One just happened: I am at a reunion of the college. Everyone is older and has more "manageable" hair. I look at people and begin to recognize faces.

The other is more visionary and may be happening also: Various Franconia alumni and professors are sitting on rocks around a calm part of the Gale River. We are discussing and planning the creation of a new school. 

Laurie LH 

Franconia dreams
Friday, 25-Aug-2000 08:55:49

Speaking of dreams, the night I got home from the reunion I dreamed I found out I was adopted. I tied my mother's feet to the bed so she couldn't leave until she told me who my true family was. Turned out they lived on the hill in back of me. Don't need a shrink for this one, huh? 


Musings: Franconia College Reunion 2000
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