Musings: Franconia College Reunion 2000
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Wednesday, 23-Aug-2000 15:45:10
I was lost and now I'm found. 

Melissa Dooley

Lost and Found
Wednesday, 23-Aug-2000 19:46:21 

[This post contains much more personal data than you want to know. I'd skip it if I were you. Sticky, maudlin tripe. Yuk.]

The loss theme is very real for me. I was a naive twerp when I left the school. Franconia had afforded me more freedom than I knew how to deal with. No teacher ever grabbed me and said "WAKE UP, PUNK!", not that I would necessarily have understood them, me being so young and right and talented and all. Consequently, I was unprepared to deal with the world outside of that Mt Olympus very effectively. 

Later sometimes, when I'd have some catastrophic failure staring me in the face, I'd try to retrace my steps to the last place where I was happy and felt a part of things. Never wanted to admit to anyone that it went back as far as the '70's. Too embarassing. Those days were lost; gone for good. History.

I find myself now at one of those major turning points that occur sometimes in life, and this site, and the subsequent reunion, and the re-establishment of contact with so many old friends, enemies and total strangers (all of whom I cherish), and with the very geography of the place and the air and the trees and all that, has become part of a process that is - no exaggeration (and you should pardon the sentimentality) - nothing less than a rebirth. 

Hey. Sometimes it happens. Waddya gonna do?

When I left Franconia the first time I fell off a mountain. When I returned, I retrieved a part of me that I need in order to live. Thatís what I went there for. Thanks to my friend M for the concept. 

You all helped; even the ones that muttered the word "asshole" under your breath when you met me, or to whom I muttered it, just like in the old days.

I'm glad you were there. 


Re: Lost and Found
Thursday, 24-Aug-2000 06:19:30 

I've spent the past several days reading the postings, processing my emotions, reconnecting memories with realities, digging through old photos, remembering lost friends and looking forward to when we may all meet again. I can do little else. My other half finds me disconnected and remote. Preoccupied and lost. I have taken some time off from work. I am making plans for my future, the last part of my life. It will mean nothing if you all aren't a part of it. I say, now memory, let's get those of us who didn't attend to join us. I won't prejudice myself by listing names as I'm sure we all have friends who we missed and with whom we would have loved to spend time......let's get them all together next time. 

Bob T. 

Musings: Franconia College Reunion 2000
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