Musings: Franconia College Reunion 2000
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Monday, 21-Aug-2000 21:06:27

Message: writes:

At this hour(and probably any hour) I am having difficulty remembering the names of those responsible, committee members, organisers, part time helpers, participants, caterers, musicians and poets, thank you for your efforts. The weekend had a good effect on me. The signs on the road made me even bring up some tears. pretty cool deal. I would like to have spoken with a lot more people, but I found it difficult to think and speak after a while because of the frshly turned up layers of memory and thoughts, the bustle of activity and being unaccostomed to such a crowded atmosphere. I will be digestin this for a while... See you around, sooner or later, Malcolm 


Re: reunion
Monday, 21-Aug-2000 22:55:56 writes:

Similar thoughts seem to be with lots of folks today...

Guess you can take the people out of the college but you can't take the college out of the people!

Linda Feczko 

Re: Re: reunion
Tuesday, 22-Aug-2000 07:25:52 writes:

I'm convinced that it would've been nigh to impossible to reach out to each and everyone, as I would have liked to do. The weekend had too few days. I'm thinking, "I could've used a month, or months, maybe years." To rekindle the relationships began nearly thirty years ago with those of us who'd been to the College. We're the only ones. Once home, I actually wrote a letter to the bloke who I saw throughout the weekend but with whom I was unable to commune and share thoughts. I only vaguely remembered his name then, when I saw him and only when I sensed a vague memory and shared experience did it dawn on me to reachout to this guy. But by then, I was gone and the weekend was over, this memory sadly lost. You know who you are. Speak. Let's hear you now and again. 

Bob T. 

Still owe you a beer, Malcolm
Tuesday, 22-Aug-2000 08:12:00 writes:

I agree with you about the crowds and the flood of emotions.

But....what a ride. 



Musings: Franconia College Reunion 2000
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