Musings: Franconia College Reunion 2000
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Tuesday, 22-Aug-2000 08:41:47

Message: writes:

It was like Brigadoon - the college is ashes & dust, but for one magic night it all came to life again. Not just sitting around talking about the good old days, but making the same magic being ourselves in our 40s, 50s, 60s. 

Saturday night was my 47th birthday. Never in my wildest dreams could I have thought up a better party than listening to Franny's bagpipes, dancing to Mustang Sally with Neil, Noreen, Jeff/Joe, Erhard, Melissa, Steve, Consuelo, Martha, & Richard from down the road in EH. 

Thought it was sweet that Leon's message was about gratitude. So much of that, and boundless thanks to everyone for bringing a great idea to life. It was a psyche-shaking weekend & that don't happen much anymore.

Hope everybody got home safe. Blessings to all. 


Re: happy birthday to you
Tuesday, 22-Aug-2000 09:12:28 writes:

happy birthday, what a place to have a birthday.that is so that we have all danced, laughed and cried together, we have hugged one another, our cyber community is stronger. it was already strong, now it is stronger. we need to pass that on to the people who could not make it to the reunion. we need to give it to them. we really do need the hardware on the hill to help the software along. we do need to hug each other. 
i missed a group of people who missed the reunion because they just could not get there. they were there with us. thier hearts and souls were there but for thier own reasons they could not make it. we need to reach out to them. we need to give it back to them.
happy birthday love morgan 

Re: reunion
Tuesday, 22-Aug-2000 09:49:19 writes:

If this was Brigadoon I'm hitching a permenant ride the next time. 

Dan Salomon 

Re: reunion
Tuesday, 22-Aug-2000 10:19:00 writes:

I share in your sentiments too. I was emotional when I heard Franny play the bagpipes too. If ever there is to be a noted mascot of FC it should be the Fran and his pipes. It was like Taps for the military (I would never associate FC for the M.)there he would stride the hill between Leon's and the Log Cabin. Most poignant when it was foggy out...I actually felt transported to Scotland. His entrance highlighted this event greatly. I just hope the videos taken including mine have captured this clearly.

The whole weekend is still echoing and I pray never dries up. I will say that the next adventure we need better tags. Fortunately, mine was noticeable and people made the connection but the rest was a real brow beater and I walked away embarrassed that what I thought was the person ...nope! I communicated with Jan Resnick via email and said I remember her as being blond with freckles and glasses...I ran into Jan on the way to the bathroom and we had a big laugh. She was a he not petite but expanded and mustached as well. Goes to show with identification. May be a book with names and pictures of ourselves former and present and years next to it. Just a thought.

Jory Osyczka 


Musings: Franconia College Reunion 2000
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