Musings: Franconia College Reunion 2000
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Monday, 21-Aug-2000 06:35:59

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The splendid time guaranteed for all was delivered. The attendance, upwards of 400 Franconians, was a tribute to the community and what a community it is. (We should have an accurate count before long.)

Three continents were represented. Bets Denne made it from Denmark and another, unknown to me, appeared from Australia. Judy Claghorn, unaware of the reunion, but hiking with spouse in the White Mountains, stumbled, shocked and delighted, in on dozens of old friends. The faculty was well represented. All eras of the school, right back to 1963, were there in force.

I don't believe there was a moment of ill will all weekend. Thanks to all for a true love-fest, in the best Franconia tradition.


Re: Post-Mortem
Monday, 21-Aug-2000 09:49:04 writes:

I too wanted to thank everyone, especially those left-brained reunion committee folks who made this gathering possible. All of you did a remarkable job at welcoming us all to the family homestead and the launching pad that was Franconia College. I love my Prozac bag, and my corny pendant. I was astounded and so moved by the warmth, the love, memories, old friends, new encounters & thoughts & visions, and so grateful to be in such a vortex of incredibly unusual, interesting, funny, deep, irreverent, talented people. As in any family, ideology is irrelevent. The music was great, the conversations, the silences, the laughter & tears, joy & grief, discoveries of all sorts. Thanks to all.

Jean Rosenblatt

Musings: Franconia College Reunion 2000
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