Musings: Franconia College Reunion 2000
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Still walkinf on air...
Saturday, 26-Aug-2000 21:28:38

it is now a week since the reunion and i am still walking on air. it is just over 30 years since i first started attending FC. If at that time i had been told that 30 years later i would be at a reunion, accompanied by my 9 year old daughter I would have never believed it possible. Being there again, with all of you, helped me find that which i had been searching for over many years. Now that I have re found this I am not willing to let it go again. To reconnect with people i had GIVEN Up ever seeing again, to meet on a new level some I hardly knew while at FC, and to come away realizing I had only been able to talk to or meet only a small portion of those in attendance and many i had specifically been seeking out i was unable to find. 

It is especially important that i was able to bring my child with me, and allow her to become a part of all this. Very often she is quite shy, but here, among the FC family she felt right at home, making friends and quickly melding into the community at large. Alice is a sensitive child and she obviously picked up on the energy level of family and belonging which was so intense.

because of last weekend i now have a feeling of peace which i have not had for quite some time.
When i finally left FC to seek my fortune i lost something and didnít even know it. Last week I found it.

PS.- Chester Ludlow asks that I tell you all the above also applies to her. 

geoffrey gross

Re: Still walkinf on air...
Saturday, 26-Aug-2000 21:30:43 
uh's out of the bag now.... 

chester ludlow

Re: franconia children
Saturday, 26-Aug-2000 23:23:26 

your daughter is beautiful and she fit right in. i looked over at the dirt pile where the children were playing and i knew they would have this event in them forever.
it was so wonderful to see the children there. it seemed to say, that's where it is at. 



Musings: Franconia College Reunion 2000
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