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This list was compiled by Judy Wallace, George Banks and Alan Plante.
Thanks to Neil McLaughlin, Melanie Hamilton, Jon Svibruck and Rocky Hoyt for their help.
Revised by Steven Konover.

(Heard) Address is on the Heard List        (Found) Someone has been in touch

Adams, Florence1966 - 19??Receptionist 
Ackley, David197? - 1976EnglishTeacher (Heard)
Aldrich, Ann1972 - 1974Development, Alumni Off. 
Aldrich, Jake1966 - 19??Maintenance 
Aldrich, James M.1963 - 1965Dean of Students, History, Political Sci., Core 
Anderson, Donald L. (Don)1974 - 197?MusicDied
Argerault(?), Deborah (Debbie)1974 - 1975Nurse 
Attoe, Wayne1967-1968Director, Cooperative Work Pgm(Found)
Aulis, Mary1966 - 19??Caf. 
Averill, Edward W.1966 - 196?Math, Philosophy 
Bailin, Michael (Mike)1973 - 1975Dir. Community Studies, Accreditation, HistoryAttorney
Banks, George196? - 19??Librarian(Heard)
Bare, Charles1969 - 197?Natural Sciences 
Bellak, Richard1973 - 1975MusicAttorney (Heard)
Bennett, Ronald (Ron)19?? - 197?Theater, Dance(Found?)
Berger, Kora E.1973 - 197?? 
Berger, Stephen (Steve)1973 - 1977SociologyTeacher: Springfield College, Manchester, NH (Found)
Bernis, Ursula1965 - 1966German(Found)
Bibler, Glen1966 - 196?Dir. Admissions, Int'l. Relations 
Bixby, Howard1966 - 19??Maintenance 
Blanchard, Harold1965 - 197??Died
Blaz, Gregory1967 - 19??Philosophy 
Boardman, Lance1966 - 19??Asst. Bursar 
Botstein, Jill1970 - 1976Early Child. Edu. 
Botstein, Leon1970 - 1976President, MusicPresident: Bard College (Heard)
Bowens, Clifford (Cliff)19?? - 19??Music, pianoDied
Bradley, Peter197?Fine Arts(Found)
Breen, Michael D.1965 - 196?Counselor 
Breger, Leonard1969 - 19??Fine Arts(Found)
Bush, Dixon1969 - 1970Dean of the CollegeRetired (Found)
Cabaup, Joseph (Joe)1970 - 197??Teacher: Science - NHCT College, Berlin, NH (Found)
Campbell, Johnstone1965 - 196?LiteratureLecturer: Educational Policy, Research & Administration - UMASS, Amherst (Found)
Campbell, Pamela (Pam)1965 - 196?Asst. Librarian 
Carruthers, Pamela (Pam)196? - 19??Asst. Registrar 
Cassista, A. Jon1973 - 1976Biology 
Catheron, Alison G., II (Al)1963 - 196?Forestry, Natural Sci.(Found)
Cavrak, Steven197? - 197?ScienceAcademic Computing Services: Univ. of Vermont (Found)
Chupack, Stephen F.1963 - 1969Chair. Of Core, History(Heard)
Claghorn, Barbara W.1966 - 19??Asst. Dir. Of Information 
Claypool, Charles19?? - 19??Comptoller 
Cloud, Susan F.1966 - 196?Sec., Dir. Of Bus. Aff. 
Cole, Nancy1965 - 1967Art, Art History 
Coleman, Eliot1965 - 1968?TV show host: Gardening Naturally, Author (Found)
Collins, Marilynn197? - 197?Dance 
Collman, Chris1970 - 1977Financial Aid(Found)
Congdon, William H.C.(Bill)1969 - 1977Philosophy 
Cooper-Neil, Shelley197? - 197?Political Science (?) 
Cormier, Frank1966 - 19??Maintenance 
Corsi, Jerome (Jerry)1973 - 197?History(Found?)
Cowin, Eileen1971 - 1974Photography(Found)
Craig, John19?? - 19??Photography(Heard)
D'Andrea, Edward1967 - 19??Architecture(Found)
deLorenzo, Jonny1962 - 19??Physical Plant 
Densmore, Ned19?? - 19??Asst. Librarian, BookstoreShop Owner: Village Bookstore, Littleton, NH
Derome, Wilfred (Pops)1965 - 1974Night WatchmanDied
DeSantos, Rachel1965 - 19??BusinessDied
Dibner, Andrew19?? - 19??Psychology(Found)
DiChiazza, Joseph Pepe1973 - 197?Dance(Found?)
DiChiazza, Victoria (Vickie)1973 - 197?Dance(Found?)
Doro, Edward1965 - 19??`Poetry, Library???
Dorris, Michael1971 - 1972Cultural AnthropologyDied
Draney, Allen197? - 197?English 
Dufour, Sylvia196? - 197?Business Off. 
Dux, Henry1966 - 19??Dean of Students, Psychology???
Elbow, Linda Smickle1963 - 1966Intern 
Elbow, Peter H.1963 - 1966Chair. Of Core, LiteratureRetired Professor: English - UMASS (Found)
Engelman, Abram (Al)1966 - 1968Soc. Relations., Histroy 
Engleman, Brenda
(Vogel Engleman, Brenda)
1966 - 1968Asst. Librarian(Heard)
Fabricant, Gwendolyn (Gwen)197? - 197?Fine Arts, PaintingTeacher: Painting - Sarah Lawrence College (Found)
Fallon, John S.1963 - 1965First PresidentJuvenile arbitrator and civil mediator: 19th ciruirt - Florida; retired professor of Psychology: Community College of Rhode Island
Farwell, Theodore (Ted)1965 - 196?Dir. Bus. Pgm, Economics, Business, Statistics 
Fedarichi (?), Silvia197? - 1977Women's Studies 
Findling, Fred1971 - 197?Print ShopOur Humble Web Host
Froburg, Alethea1971 - 1975RegistrarAttorney
Garafolo, Robert1976 - 1977Dean of Students 
Gibson, Mary Lou1966 - 19??Sec. to Dir. Development 
Giese, Reva1973 - 197?Registrar (Upper Division?) 
Goetzel, Ugo19?? - 19??Psychiatrist 
Goldberg, David197? - 197?Sociology 
Goldblatt, David1969 - 197?Soc. Rel., Psych.Owner: Goldenleaf Bakery (Heard)
Goldenberg, Ira1975 - 1977PresidentExec. Dir: Ctr. For Urban Education. & Innovation, Florida International Univ. (Found)
Gordon, Linda P.1965 - 196?Bursar 
Gorman, Marilyn L.1965 - 196?Music 
Grantham, Ken19??-1977TheaterActing (Heard)
Green, Mary Jean197? - 197?French 
Greenfield, Jeffrey1975 - 197?Admissions(Heard)
Greenway, Robert G.1963-1966Dir. of Dev. & Edu. ResearchOlympic Ecopsychology Institute (Found)
Grenier, Bob197? - 197?Poetry, WritingPoetry (Found)
Haase, Janet (Jan)19?? - 197?Weaving(Found)
Haase, Ronald W. (Ron)19?? - 197?DesignTeacher (Found)
Hall, Patricia (Pat)1966 - 19??Caf. 
Harper, David1966 - 19??Dir. Of Work Pgm. 
Harrington, Allen1973 - 197?Psychology(Heard)
Harris, Edward J.1966 - 19??Asst. Dir. Admissions 
Hatch, John D.1966 - 1969Asst. Dir. Admissions 
Hayes, Richard1965 - 196?Mathematics 
Hersey, Benjamin (Ben)197? - 1977?Bookstore (Found)
Higbee, Peter19??-19??Early Childhood Education(Heard)
Hindley, Richard1965 - 197?Dir. Summer Pgm., English, Literature (Joyce Studies), Core(Found)
Hladick, George1966 - 197?Supt. Build. & Grounds 
Hodge, Corina1966 - 19??Nurse 
Hoffman, David J.1966 - 19??History 
Holland, Elizabeth1974 - 1975Education 
Homes, Dawn1973 - 1977Asst. Dean of Students, Housing(Found?)
Homes, Phillip (Phil)1972 - 1977CeramicsTeacher (Found?)
Houle, William196? - 1970Registrar, Print Shop 
Howard, John1973 - 1974Visiting Faculty: musicperforming & teaching music (Found)
Howard, Louise1973 - 1974Visiting Faculty: musicperforming & teaching music (Found)
Howe, Nicholas S. (Nick)1962 - 1976Dir. Work Pgm., Philosophy, Writing, Literature, CoreJournalist, Author (Heard)
Hultgren, Fran1962 - 19??Secretary 
Huntley, Barbara1966 - 196?Asst. Dir. Admissions 
Imrie, George19?? - 197?Physician 
Jager, Edward (Ed)1970 - 197?? 
Jarocki, Paul1967 -196?Asst. Dir. Admissions 
Jarvis, Thomas (Tom)1973 - 1975Astronomy 
Jerome, Christine (Chris)1967 - 1968Office Of Information(Found)
Jerome, John1967 - 1968Office Of InformationAuthor (Found)
Kaplan, Janet19?? - 197?WeavingTeacher: Fine Arts - Vermont College/Norwich University (Found)
Kasky, Marc19?? - 19??Phys Ed.(?) Basketball CoachDirector Emeritus: Fort Mason Foundation, San Francisco (Found)
Kennard-Galvin, Kathryn (Kathy)197? - 197?Early Childhood Education 
Kenney, Floyd1966 - 19??Asst. Bursar 
Kettler, David1970 - 107?Economics 
Kinney, Jon1966 - 19??Asst. Coord. Student Services 
Kirschner, Margaret (Pegge)197? - 197?AdmissionsDied
Klement, David1969 - 19??Natural Sciences 
Knapp, Paul1974 - 197?Chemistry 
Koffman, Theodore (Ted)1969 - 1975Asst. Dir. Admissions, then Dir. Of Admissions (?)College of the Atlantic
Krainis, Jerry19?? - 19??Psychiatrist 
Kramer, David (alias?)1968 - 1971Dir. Admissions 
Lacey, Donald (Don)196? - 1965Dir. AdmissionsDied
Landman, George1970 - 197?? 
Laskaris, Ion C.1966 - 19??Drama 
Laskaris, Judy1967 - 19??Registrar's Off., Education 
Lau, Skip197? - 197?Asst. Dir. Of Admissions(?)(Heard)
Leach, Marge1972 - 197?Caf. - Our 'protector'Died
Lemmel, Lawrence (Larry)1965 - 1970President (1968-1970), Music, Core(Found?)
Lenzer, Richard1967 - 1968Dir. Admissions 
Linebaugh, Bethia1973 - 197?? 
Linebaugh, Peter1973 - 197?EconomicsTeacher: History Dept. - Univ. of Toledo (Found)
Litke, S. Scott1965 - 196?Sociology(Found)
Loonin, Larry1967 - 19?TheaterActing, Directing, Teaching (Heard)
Mack, Marjorie J.1966 - 19??Music (TA) 
Mailloux, Monique19?? - 19??LibraryCeramics (Heard)
Marshall, Ruth1965 - 196?Library 
Martelino, Pastor (Pat)1969 - 197?Fine Arts, SculptureDied
Martin, Cynthia1966 - 19??Sec. to the President 
Martin, Dick197? - 197?Food Service Mgr 
Mason, Susan1971 - 197?Development 
Mason, Gene1971 - 1976Political Science. 
McAuley, William (Bill)197? - 197?Maintenance 
McGuire, Robert (Mick)1969 - 19??History, Pol. Sci.???
McIntosh, Grant W.1962 - 1965Vice Pres., Bus. Mgr.Died
McLaughlin, Elizabeth1970 - 1976Library, Children's Lit. Fest. 
McLaughlin, Neil1969 - 1976Dean of Students(Heard)
Metty, Mike1965 -1966Psychology 
Meyers, Evelyn1966 - 196?Business, Shorthand 
Militzer, David19?? - 197?Mailroom (WS?) 
Molner, Eileen E.1966 - 196?TA, HistoryDied
Monahan, Frank1966 - 19??Maintenance, Painter 
Morell, Allen1966 - 19??Maintenance 
Morgan, Marilyn1973 - 1974Anthropology 
Nadeau, Jeannine, C.1963 - 196?Registrar, Bus. Pgm. - Teacher: Secretarial Science 
Nadel, Benjamin1973 - 1974Latin, Ancient History 
Nadel, Mirra1973 - 1974Russian 
Nappan, Harold B.1966 - 19??Dir. Of Development 
Neill, Monty197? - 197?Political ScienceExecutive Director: FairTest (Found)
Nelson, Paul S., Jr.1967 - 196?Poetry 
Noll, Clifford (Cliff)1967 - 196?Physical SciencesProfessor Emeritus: Biology, 1992 - Capital Comm. College (Found)
Oberling, Marthe1965 - 196?French, CoreDied
Olmsted, Coert1967 - 196?Math 
O'Neil, David S.1966 - 196?Dir. Bus. Affairs 
Osgood, R. Ladd1967 - 196?Grant Administrator 
Osher, David197? - 1977History, Academic DeanDirector: Ctr. For Effective Collaboration & Practice, Washington, DC (Found)
Osher Trina197? - 1977Education, Children's Literature(Found)
Pancoast, Kathleen1971 - 1972Housing, Bus. Off. 
Pasquine, Ruth197? - 197?Admissions Off.(Heard)
Pelham, Joann1976 - 197?Dean of Students 
Pett, Amy1965 - 1966Writing(Found)
Pilotte, Betty J.1966 - 196?Sec., Admissions 
Pilove, Diana1966 - 196?Asst. to U.D. Committee 
Poffenberger, Leanne197? - 197?Child Psychology 
Putnam, Hal1967 - 196?Dir. Bus. Affairs 
Putz, George1966 - 1968Anthropology, CoreDied
Raffa, Marie1965 - 1966Business 
Redding, Lewis (Lew)1971 - 1975Dir. Development(Heard)
Reuter, Ann C.197? - 197?Business, Typing 
Ritzo, Jean197? - 197?Anthropology 
Roark, Peggy1966 - 196?French (TA) 
Ruopp, Richard R. (Dick)1963 - 1968Religion, Lit., Core, Act. Pres. (1965-1968), Dean of College, PhilosophyDied
Rutan, Scott B.1969 - 1970Counselor, Psychology, Social Research(Found)
Russell, Susan1970 - 197?Sec. to the President 
Saal, Diana197? - 197?Education 
Saunders, Dwinnell1966 - 19??Maintenance 
Savage, Thomas1966 - 19??Writing 
Schiffman, Jill G.1966 - 196?Sec. To President(Found?)
Schuppe, Ernest1966 - 196?Caf. 
Seghorn, Theoharis K.1966 - 196?CounselorDied
Seltzer, Curt19?? - 19??Political Science(Heard)
Severtson, Johan1970 - 197?Fine ArtsTeaches (Heard)
Severtson, Susan1970 - 197?Librarian(Heard)
Sheehan, Donald (Don)1972 - 197?English 
Silver, Robert J.1963 - 1965Dir. Edu. Testing, Psych., CoreDied
Snapp, Barbara197? - 197?Bio., Env. Sci., (Soccer!)Science Teacher (Found)
Speer, Michael1970 - 197?Sociology(?) or Polit. Sci.(?) 
Stadtmueller, Jeanette1966 - 196?Fine Arts 
St. Cyr, Alice1966 - 196?Housekeeping 
Stowell, Chandler W.1965 - 196?Dir. Physical Education,Director: Student Activities, Intramurals & Rec Sports - Norwich University (Found)
Stuart, John1966 - 19??Maintenance 
Stygles, Ralph1966 - 19??Maintenance 
Suggs, Donald197? - 1974Fine Arts 
Svibruck, Jon196? - 1974BookstoreTeacher (Heard)
Sweet, Bill197? - 197?? 
Symmes, Catherine (Katy)1966 - 197?Counselor, PsychologyDied
Talemo(?), Ruth1966 - 196?Sec. Student Services 
Tannen, Robert1963 - 1965Social Relations, Core 
Taub, Bruce1967 - 196??Attorney (Found)
Tenney, Virginia1966 - 196?Subst. Nurse 
Teter, William A.19?? - 19??MathematicsTeacher: Computer Science - SUNY at Plattsburg (Heard)
Teuteberg, William1973 - 197?Asst. to the President(Heard)
Thal, Susan197? - 197?Legal Studies 
Ujlaki, Steven1971 - 197?FilmFilm & TV production
Van Vechten, George W.196? - 196?Biology 
Vause, Marylyn M.1965 - 196?History, Political Sci., Core 
Vause, Stephen F.1965 - 196?Philosophy, Hist. Of Ideas, Core(Heard)
Verge, Charles (Charlie)1974 - 197?Education, Psychology 
Verschueren, James (Jim)1975 - 197?Dir. Of Admissions, French (?)(Found)
Volpe, Richard1970 - 1971Housing 
Walker, Nancy1973-197?English, Writing(Found)
Wallace, Michael1970 - 1972HistoryTeacher: History - John Jay College (Found)
Wallace, Nancy1973 - 1974Writing 
Walter, J. Jackson1966 - 196?Asst to President 
Warmoth, Art1965 - 196?PsychologyTeacher: Psychology - Sonoma State Unversity (Found)
Westhaver, Carol197? - 197?Fine Arts, Weaving(Found)
Westhaver, Kenneth H. (Ken)1965-197?Fine Arts, Printing & Design, Dir. Print ShopArtist (Heard)
Whalen, Jack197? - 197?Dir. Of Development(Found)
Wheeler, Donald N.196? - 196?EconomicsRetired (Found)
Wheeler, Eleanor19??-19???Died
Wheeler, George19?? - 19???Died
Whipple, Bradley (Brad)1973 - 197?Sociology(Heard)
Whipple, Rosa1973 - 197?? 
Wilcox, Joseph1963 - 196?Houseparent (Frost)(Heard)
Wilcox, Karen197? - 197?Secretary to the PresidentBard College (Heard)
Wilson, Gregory1971 - 1976Head LibrarianOwner: Buttons By Wilson in Northampton, MA
Wilson, Plessah19?? - 19??Admissions(?)(Heard)
Wright, A. Ellsworth1966 - 1977MaintenanceDied
Wright, Carroll1966 - 1977Maintenance(Son of Ida & Ellsworth)
Wright, Ida19?? - 197?Social & Natural StudiesDied
Yacenko, Marianne1965 - 196?International Relations, Russian 
Yerburgh, Mark1973 - 197?Asst. Librarian???

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