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Morgan's Photo Site - pages and pages of photos, old & new, and so much more 
Map of Franconia - from Mark Denil
Richard Mellor's Reunion 2000 Photos - a large gallery from the event of the century (so far)
2001: The Gathering in Franconia - photos, links & historic web page preservation
Burma Shave - The Signs of Mark Chain - how to find the place but get lost in time 
Tom Kochel's Reunion Photo: Theater People - the Dow Gang rides again, except for Godot
Campus 2000: The campus site as it appears today - enough said. photos from Fred. 
Roundabout 2000: photos by Fred - evocative places around the Franconia area
Geoffrey Gross's Franconia Page - a classic group photo, an awful good-looking bunch
Classic Marge Photos - sent in by Melanie
Howie Lyhte's Photos

Words & Stuff:
The Original: Fred's FC Home Page - the page that started it all 
Franconia College Poetry Pages - a growing collection from our own writers
Franconians In Print - a bibliography compiled by Adelina Azevedo Axelrod - over 100 authors 
Fred Findling's Findings - observations on Franconia then and now 
The Last Franconia College Review, 1977 - edit or I'll... 
Karen Koltonow, graduation 1977 - A Short Ode to Franconia College 
Musings: Franconia College Reunion 2000 - writings about the reunion

The Inn at Forest Hills - the old President's House as B & B, plus ça change...
Forest Hills - the former campus is now an upscale housing development 
Dow Academy Clock - hear it ring, read its story

NH Postsecondary - info on how to get your official Franconia College transcript 


Franconia College Pages

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wind chimes by Jeb Bush, photo by Morgan Ackerly