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2001: The Gathering
in Franconia
-- photos! --

July 20-22
Peabody Lodge
at Cannon Mountain

Thanks To All Who Came,
It Was Wonderful!

Lorraine L. sent this in. Who are these people? She has no idea.

More photos

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Elayne Zalis - Virtual Excursions: Miami / L.A.(An Imaginary Travelog)

Previous Events:

Saturday, January 13th, 2000: MARK GORMAN’S BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES ANNUAL WEST COAST SLUMBER PARTY BY THE BAY….brown bag drinks and Cheeto appetizers before dinner then off to a totally dive restaurant in Oakland. (Doggie Diner would be great if that fat fire hadn’t of leveled it last summer!) Please let me know so that we can make appropriate accommodations at Mark’s. I get dibs on the living room floor next to Mark’s replica of himself….
Our secret camera records proof of the January 13th plotters: Why the cheesy disguises if they're so innocent? And what about the sudden nationwide shortage of Spam?
More from January 13th.

Previous Bonfires: October 7th, 2000 Spamarama (courtesy of J. Edgar Hoover) and the original west-coast conspiracy.


Saturday, December 2nd 2000, Soho, New York City, 1st Annual Franconia Family of Fun College Alumni Christmas Party, at Randy's really cool loft.
Here are the photos.


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Fred's Photo CD:Fred is now collecting submissions of photos at good resolution (200-300 dpi; plus a brief text description) for inclusion in an archive CD that eventually will be available by special order or at our next reunion. Please email photos or questions to 

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