for the


(brought to you by the North Country Nominator/Nominee Protection Program)


- Submit your nominations of those who never got the recognition they’ve deserved all these years.

Include stories, descriptions, etc. with your nominations (100 words maximum, folks)

Include a notation of the predominant era the nominee was at the College.

And the eras are : Ruopp; Lemmel/Botstein; Goldenberg


Send nominations to or to Mark Chain, Concord, VT 05824


Click here to open the direct Nomination Mailer Window


If you’re in touch with FC people who aren’t on-line, print out and forward the posting & addresses.




- If there are enough nominations to warrant it at all, Final Nominees will be the 3 per category who were nominated most often. Categories with less than 3 nominees get the ax.

- A list of Final Nominees will be posted on a Bulletin Board at Peabody at the start of the Reunion.

Accompanying stories, etc. will also be posted (that’s why they need to be kept short).

Final Nominees will not be previously notified of their potentially impending public humiliation.


- Winners will be chosen per popular vote at the Reunion. 1 winner per category, except where noted.

- Winners not attending the Reunion will be honored in absentia. (In some cases, winners who ARE attending may also have to be honored in absentia.)

- Acceptance speeches (required) will be limited to 2 minutes. (Good for 3 credits)



1. Perpetrator Of The Most Amazing Academic Accomplishment (relate alleged accomplishment)

2. Longest Attending Student Ever (indicate what s/he was usually attending to)

3. Most Memorable Utterance At A Community Meeting (indicate speaker; context of statement)

4. Most Memorable Utterance At The College, Ever, By Anyone (indicate speaker; context of statement)

5. Least Believable Really True Dog Story (include whose dog it was)

6. Most Unforgetable Motor Vehicle (Name of Owner/s; include stories)

7. Person Who Played The Most Annoying Music In Their Room (include names of artist/album/song)

8. Most Unique Location Of A Stash (it’s ok - statutes of limitation have run out)

9. Person Who Had The Most Unique Paying Job While At The College

10. Person Who Experienced The Most-Dimensional Hallucination (attach description)

11. Person Who Experienced The Most-Dimensional Reality He / She / You Wished Had Only Been An Hallucination (attach description)

12. Most Dramatic Personae (3 winners: 1 each per era. Include stories.)

Indictments are now being accepted.