Rearranging the letters of 'franconia college reunion' gives:


Graceful loon or nice inane. Foul crooning inane cereal.
Announce on fierce gorilla. Foul or canonical engineer.
Foul angelic, inane crooner. Genuine, nice or carnal fool.
Cruel, fool, inane ignorance. Ace of or a lonelier cunning.
An infernal, nice, cool rogue. Graceful, nicer loo on inane.
Loonier unicorn angel-face. Encourage in infernal, cool.
Graceful or nine cool inane. Foul croon large, nice inane.
Cruel, angelic of or on inane. Fouler, angelic, inane croon.
Cruel flooring on ace inane. On graceful cooler in inane.
On nice or on graceful alien. Fouler learning on cocaine.
Cruel, fine, cool, inane groan. Cruel, fool, nice, inane groan.
Announce cool fair leering. On or graceful lice on inane.
Angelical neuron or nice of. Cruel, fine, cool, inane organ.
Cruel, fool, nice, inane organ. Announce lonelier of cigar.
Uncool, inferior angel acne. If angelical or on renounce.
Renounce in or angelical of. Fool earlier ace on cunning.
Fouler, alien crooning acne. Nice or nice foul or an angel.
Ace on foul or nice learning. Graceful noon or nice alien.
Influence in a cool groaner. Coo! unclean, inferior angel.
No! announce fierce gorilla. A crucial, fool non-engineer.
Non-funereal or agonic lice. Foul inaner angel coercion.
Influence carriage on loon. On agonic, lonelier furnace.
Announce fine gorilla core. Announce if large, nicer loo.
Announce if lonelier cargo. Infernal, nice courage loon.
Foul reconcile inane groan. On a cool, angrier influence.
Croon cruel, genial, inane of. Genial or nice or unclean of.
Announce fool angrier lice. A nice, uncool, infernal ogre.
Uncool, large, nicer, inane of. Rogue in infernal, cool acne.
Fouler coercion in an angel. Foul reconcile inane organ.
Influencing or ace or alone. Influence or a genial croon.
Genial funeral on coercion. Announce in if large cooler.
Encore! announce if gorilla. I announce large, nicer fool.
Announce fool genial crier. Ace in uncool, infernal ogre.
Genuine, fine, cool or carnal. Unerring, fool cocaine lane.
Unerring, fool cocaine lean. On racier angel on nice foul.
Graceful, loonie, inane corn. On inaner, graceful, nice loo.
Fearing on cruel, cool inane. Fool inane ulcer ignorance.
Announce fore nice gorilla. Uncool, infernal, eager coin.
Finer, angelical or on ounce. Ace on unerring, facile loon.
Fool on an ace, unerring lice. Rogue fine, canonical loner.
Rogue non-canonical relief. Argue on infernal, nice, cool.
Graceful lice or inane noon. Ole! careful, inane crooning.
Fool urea concerning alien. Cool urine nor in angel-face.
Ruin angel-face or nice loon. Cruel, inane flooring ocean.
Cruel acne or fooling inane. Uncool, fine or ace learning.
A cunning, ace, lonelier roof. Nine infernal, cool courage.
Unerring, fine, cool, ace loan. Unerring, fool, nice, ace loan.
Glue on or infernal cocaine. Non-funereal logician core.
Foul ignorance on reliance. Foul learning or nice ocean.
Coo! graceful loner in inane. Fun ace a lonelier crooning.
Finer urea on cool cleaning. Fool urea on nicer cleaning.
Inane on ulcer or angelic of. Announce frolic alien ogre.
On uncool, fine, racier angel. On angelical or on fine cure.
Genuine, racier, non-local of. Forlorn, nice, nice analogue.
Fouler or canonical engine. Cornier angel on a nice foul.
Foul alone nicer ignorance. Nicer, genial foul or on acne.
Ole! graceful croon in inane. Graceful loo nor nice inane.
No! graceful, nicer, inane loo. Configure learn cool inane.
Influence or genial corona. Ace ulcer on inane flooring.
Fine, cruel inane or cool nag. Cringe fool on a cruel inane.
Nice nag or cruel, inane fool. Cruel roof on angelic inane.
No! cruel of or angelic inane. Announce fragile, nicer loo.
Unerring, cool, alien of acne. Argue infernal, nice, cool no.
An inane, fouler, cool cringe. Nice crooner in a foul angel.
On a nicer, nice or foul angel. Large or in a foul innocence.
Foul anger nicer, cool inane. On urine on angelical force.
Cruel of crooning inane ale. Cruel, nice, genial or on an of.
Announce or large if on lice. Announce in of or large lice.
Crucial fool on an engineer. Fool cure or inane cleaning.
Incur on loonier angel-face. Fool earlier cunning ocean.
Inferior colleague cannon. Genuine if on carnal cooler.
Unerring if alone cool acne. On a nice or fouler cleaning.
Non-funereal or a nice logic. Ace on angel or in nicer foul.
Foul cleaning or inane core. Foul clearing or inane once.
Foul on genial, cornier acne. No! graceful cooler in inane.
Graceful or nice no on alien. Influence ale or a crooning.
Cool rage or in an influence. Influence or a cool earning.
On angelic, loonier furnace. Foregone, non-clinical urea.
Our nicer angel-face in loon. Cool ulcer fearing on inane.
Alone a cruel, fine crooning. Groan fine, cool, inane ulcer.
Fool groan nice, inane ulcer. Announce in fragile cooler.
Uncool, finer or genial acne. A nice, uncool, infernal goer.
On an eager, fine councillor. Fine cure or angelical noon.
Encourage on infernal coil. Genuine fool or nicer canal.
Finer, nicer analogue colon. Ace in or non-funereal logic.
Foul genial crooner in acne. Angelical four or nice none.
An inane, colorful, nice ogre. Fool groin cruel, inane acne.
Cruel of on alien ignorance. Unclean fair or cool engine.
Ace uncle or inane flooring. Cool uncle if inane groaner.
Announce freeing, cool liar. Announce or angelic or file.
Announce or angelic or life. Announce angrier, cool file.
Announce angrier, cool life. Announce if angelic or role.
I announce enforce gorilla. Announce fool generic liar.
Uncool, nicer or a fine angel. Uncool, nice or a finer angel.
Uncool, infernal, ace region. Ace in uncool, infernal goer.
Coo! a cunning, lonelier fear. Curing on an ace, lonelier of.
Genuine fancier or on local. Nicer analogue 'n' nicer fool.
Rogue infernal, cool canine. Rogue on infernal, nice coal.
Ace on angel in cornier foul. Foul angel or inner cocaine.
Fouler crooning in ace lane Fouler crooning in ace lean.
The following are the 10 longest words made using some of the letters:
unreferencing conferencing
non-canonical influencing
referencing cage-cleaner
inferencing non-clinical
non-engineer non-funereal
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Face cool learning and Groan fell cocaine are two of them!