The Franconia College Y2K Reunion Better Late Than Never Yearsbook

We are planning to compile a book of alumni writing and photographs for distribution at the reunion. The book will run to (we are guessing) a few hundred pages in a 6" X 9" paperback format. We would like everyone to submit something that reflects some aspect of their relationship to the college.

You can submit in all three sections. Submissions for each section should ideally be limited to 600 words (two pages of typical 10-12 pt type in most faces), but we will consider longer submissions. The sections are:
1) Memories and reminiscences (History)
2) Reflections on and repercussions of a Franconia education (Philosophy-sociology)
3) Random outpourings (everything else)

Contributors are asked to refrain from the gratuitous use of obscenity and graphic descriptions of violence or sex and to avoid describing events which might compromise or embarrass others. If you can't, send it as it is, and we will consult you if we think editing is necessary.

Editors will review submissions, make suggestions for improvements in clarity, proofread texts and provide proof copies of pages to their authors for approval. Final form of submissions - subject only to the restrictions in the paragraph directly above - will be entirely up to the authors. If any questions arise that can not be resolved between author and editor, they will be submitted (blind) to a panel of members of the Planning Group for a final decision.

Pages will preferably be submitted in electronic format (QuarkXpress preferred) via e-mail or mailed electronic media. They can also be submitted in hard copy.

Electronic submissions can be e-mailed to:
FCY2KR Book . I can e-mail anyone who wants one a QuarkXpress page template.

Black and white photographs will be accepted, with those submitted for pages figured at a rate of 10 words/square inch of photograph.

Photographs submitted in electronic format (which is strongly recommended) should be in Photoshop or compatible TIFF format, at the full size that they should appear on the page, with a resolution of 120 pixels/inch. There is no charge for photographs included on pages, as long as they are submitted in suitably high resolution TIFF electronic format.

There will be an open section of photographs in the center of the book, with up to six pages of photographs from each of three periods:
the early-Ruopp years (63-69),
the Lascaris-Lemmel-early Botstein years (69 -74),
and the late Botstein, through final years.
Images will be selected from those submitted (if necessary) by a panel from the Planning Group plus any volunteers from the greater community.

We may also include some quotations from archive material as we come across it, so if you have any text from old FC admissions packets, brochures, yearbooks or anything else, we'd like to have copies.

We need to send the book to the printers by 30 June 2000 in order to insure its return in time for the reunion, so we are asking that all submissions be received no later than May 15. The earlier you can get them in, the easier the editors'/publishers' jobs will be.

This book will only be as good (at best) as what you put into it. Dig down into memory, shoeboxes of artifacts and photos, or in that unmarked spot in your backyard and let it all pour out. We look forward to hearing from you.


I am looking forward with keen anticipation to the deluge of Franconiania (what a nice ring, eh!) that I know will come pouring in in response to this post. Please email your submissions directly to me with at the following address:
FCY2KR Book, or by snail mail to: Ned Depew, 62-64 Worth Avenue, Hudson, NY 12534.

phtoto credit: Morgan Ackerly "Cheerful Hallway"