FCY2K Planning Session Numero Two-o

Here we are again, folks. . .

First off - if you haven't read Report #1, you might want to start there. Report Numero Uno  

The most recent reunion planing sessions were held last weekend, June 5-6. Good weather, lots of people, great food and drink, serious dancing to the Horn Band, and A LOT of laughter. Attending were Judy Wallace (our hostess with the mostest), Nancy Wallace, Melanie Hamilton, Leah Javer Pillsbury, Holly Wilkinson, Howie Lyhte, Marilinne Cooper, Steven Hecht, Alan Strell, Mark Shapiro, Natalie Woodroofe, Wayne Turiansky, Mark Chain, Beth Simon, Christie Shaw, Dan Solomon, Veronica Hartman, David Goldblatt, Ned Depew, Heather Lakey (daughter of local people; documenting the reunion and College years for an academic thesis project! Aahh, so in keeping), and George Manupelli (creator of the Ann Arbor Film Festival), who began the video documentary of the whole thing.

NOTE: To protect everyone from getting spammed, no hyperlinks to anyone's email address will be provided here.

The Friday session began - after introductions, re-introductions, exclamations and stories - with a review of the first planning sessions. What evolved out of that were: renewed questions about the main site for the reunion; Christie's announcement that her son and Sam Hepburn's daughter are in love - the announcement leading to a consideration of the creation of a "Genealogy Chart" at the reunion; ideas of having business-sized cards available for reunion participants with various messages on them like; "If I was there, I don't remember", "I wasn't there, but what I remember is...", "Did that REALLY happen?", "HEY! I remember you!" and so forth. Further ambiance was provided by Melanie and Veronica, who had been to the N.H. Historical Society and so covered the dining room table with all sorts of College documents, photos, and issues of the Franconia Review. Jeff Greenfield, aka Moose, aka The Big Man, called while we were sitting on the porch. He's alive and pretty well in Philadelphia and has agreed to organize/coordinate the Talent Show.

Further discussion about: creating a Rumor Board; is someone/who's going to invite Leon?; consensus for a "Fat City" banner at the entrance to the site; and adding a Memory Board or Booth - a brokerage, sort of - to acquire new, get rid of old or unwanted, or exchange memories. Also the question of whether we need something like a "Lucy Booth" or "Bad Trip" tent. Whether or not we should have a Wedding Booth was left unresolved.

Dinner: Judy's multi-mushroom lasagna (bellissima!), more stories, lots more laughter, and off to the Hillwinds around 10 PM to the Horn Band.

Sunday: meet at the College site, walk around, contemplate the various machinery, piles of pipes, gravel and mulch, stand at what was the swimming pool, measure for the tent, investigate the (really big) sand pit that once was the soccer field, stroll by Hughey, Dewey and Louie, then past the back of the President's House (considering the meadow there as a possible camping-area - or maybe we'll need an RV park, Marilinne later wonders), past the hole where Alice and Henry's was, then on to Elliot's field - unfortunately now the stump-dump for all the Forest Hills excavation work - thoughts and talk of Elliot's and James Fisk's gardens. Before leaving, Howie wants to see the Old New Dorm site - we have to tell him the site's become someone's million-dollar back yard. Howie sighed.

ON-SITE DECISION: The "CoreTent" - probably 60x100 or 60x130 feet - will be set up on the *f a r* end of the tennis courts, i.e. between the former Xanadu and Main Building sites.

Back to Judy's for the "formal" meeting.
Questions of finances come up at the outset. Do we want to sell "acknowledgment" space to local merchants/reunion supporters on the reunion web-site (no ads, but name acknowledgment and possible hot-links for those who have given financial support)?

- to charge a fee of vendors who want to sell on site;
- to include one meal in the cost of the registration fee (no decision yet on what the reunion registration fee will need to be - will depend a lot on how many donations are made prior to deciding about the fee);
- a list of projected expenses will be presented at the next planning sessions.

Various further resolutions/questions/happenings between everything else:
- Have areas in the CoreTent for the different College-eras;
- "Era"-Photos and a reunion group photo;
- Post photos from the planning-sessions on the Reunion web-site;
- E-mail everyone on the Heard List for donations;
- Post lists on the Reunion web-site of people "Already Notified" and of people who "Have Already Made Donations";
- Schedule a deadline for receipt of Event-suggestions; but if you have any, SEND THEM NOW! (contact Judy jwallace@ncia.net or Mark mchain@yahoo.com
- Have a "Video-Statement" Booth: Show and Tell on film;
- Have a "Memorabilia" Board in the CoreTent (in addition to the Memorabilia Exhibition at the Franconia Museum)
- Make and sell photo enlargements/posters of people/events/things/unauthorized dogs . . .
- Do we want newspaper and/or magazine coverage of the Reunion (mentioned were Newsweek, People, Utne Reader and, of course, the Union Leader)
-Nancy tries contacting Rob Foley of the Mystic Suns - lots of Rob or R. Foley tel. and e-mail listings to choose from. Nancy gets him, i.e. the right one - on the first try. He's in Phoenix, had no idea about any of the goings on.

And then:


The following is a revised and shortened schedule for the reunion. A number of people thought we'd need to end it on Sunday, rather than Monday (as previously ideated), because of work commitments/travel time/etc. Others of us thought that, given the monumentality of the event, people would take days off from work to be here if events were scheduled through, say, Monday noon. LET US KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS (THE SOONER THE BETTER; contact Mark mchain@yahoo.com or Judy jwallace@ncia.net so we can clarify this at the August planning sessions.

Meanwhile . . .

Early arrival day.
Get here, check in, meet folks, help out, hang out, wander around, help out . . .
(No scheduled activities; show up at the CoreTent and take your chances from there; something will surely develop)

9 AM - Noon Pass under the "Fat City" banner at the entrance. Follow the "Registration This Way" sign.
11 AM Guided Walking Tour of College grounds.
NOON - 1:30 PM Lunch & Community Meeting (really - no dogs)
1:30 - 3:00 PM FREE TIME Volleyball anyone?
F.C. Videos in CoreTent
Memorabilia Exhibit at Franconia Museum
Art Exhibit contact Veronica: vhartman@mix-net.net
Volleyball / Soccer (with or without Goddard) NEED ORGANIZER
3:00 - 5 PM Road Rally carsfull of alums driving around the Franconia-Littleton-Bethlehem area on a scavenger hunt of geographical reminiscence and transpersonal treasure. contact Marilinne mcooper@garnethill.com
5:00 PM Cocktail Hour (NEED ORGANIZER)/Road Rally Awards
6:00 PM Barbecue
8:00 PM Dance to the Wicked Smart Horn Band (David Goldblatt and friends)

F.C. Videos in CoreTent
Special Memorabilia Exhibit at Franconia Museum
Art Exhibit contact Veronica vhartman@mix-net.net
Volleyball / Soccer (NEED ORGANIZER)
10:00 AM Brunch with Open Mike (Stories/Epiphanies/Rants/etc)
1:00 PM Theatre performance. Contact Christie: xtshaw@together.net
3:00 PM Talent Show (Contact Jeff Greenfield, aka Moose, aka The Big Man at flo_19151@yahoo.com
5:00 PM Sit-down supper with acoustic music
7:00 PM - ? Battle of the Bands contact Alan astrell@landmarknet.net
DoobieUs Awards Ceremony (NEED ORGANIZER)
Fire Drill

10:00 AM Brunch with Open Mike
11:30 AM Poetry Reading
2:00 PM Parting, Group Hug & Melancholy or Can We Get Outa Here Now?!

On to the Committee Reports:

The F.B.I. (Franconia Bureau of Investigation):
Natalie reports not having received all too much input; they're still trying to compile mailing lists.
Veronica will go through all the Forum-messages to collect names and e-mail addresses.
Mark Shapiro has signed on to the F.B.I., said he will e-mail everyone on the Heard List to request that each person 1) contact others about the Reunion, and 2) SEND MONEY (you'll hear this a lot).
LET NATALIE natw@together.net or HOWIE howie3@ici.net KNOW:

- BY AUGUST 1ST (of this year): if you're likely to come to the Reunion. (We need to get an idea of numbers as soon as possible so we can start figuring expenses/costs at the next planning sessions);
- How to contact you, if they don't already know;
- Contact anyone you know whose name is not already on the Heard List or Forum (you can use the "Spread the word far and wide!" link on the Franconia Y2K Reunion web-site to get to the "Ponzie Scheme" letter-template Howie has designed.)
- Any names/addresses you have of alums not already on the Heard List or the Forum.

Natalie and Howie will post an updated list of peoples' names after the next planning sessions.

Nancy has already been in touch with the people at the Forest Hills Assn., the owner of the grounds/ development. They are very enthused about it all, even offered us a written contract allowing us to use the site (at no cost), so we're going to try and get this on paper this week - before they change their mind - or are convinced otherwise by terrified residents of the development. We also decided to invite the residents - free of cost, terrified or not - to the Reunion.
The committee will post a venues & costs list on the Forum after the August planning sessions.

The committee will post a list of area accommodations and rates after the August planning sessions. It was also decided that people coming will have to make their own reservations.

First guesses about possible costs of the whole reunion got up to $15,000. The tent alone will cost between $2500. and $3200 (depending on the size we choose). The Committee is in the process of gathering cost information and will present a first-draft budget proposal at the next planning sessions.
David reports that about $250. in donations have come in thus far.
Thanks to those who have already given.
Everybody else: S E N D M O N E Y N O W !
Make checks payable to: "Franconia College Reunion 2000" and send them to David Goldblatt, 216 Grove Street, Littleton, N.H. 03561. David's e-mail is goldenleaf@landmarknet.net
Steven Hecht s-hecht@ma.ultranet.com and Wayne Turiansky culturew@together.net have joined the Finances Committee

Leah Javer Pillsbury has joined the Admissions Committee. Howie will be designing the official Reunion Application/Registration Form.
Lots of talk about IDs, badges, buttons...the whole "registration packet".

"Let them eat cake." OK - so we're going to see about having the Vermont Culinary Institute create a cake for 500(?) people in the shape of the Main Building - the cake, not the people.
Otherwise - it's too early yet to be fixing meals.

DECISION: to create an AWARDS COMMITTEE; WE NEED AN ORGANIZER FOR THIS Contact Judy at jwallace@ncia.net or Mark at mchain@yahoo.com
Long discussion about the video documentation of the Reunion. Consensus was that we want a documentation that is both people and event oriented, and that portrays both the individual and generational/sociological dimensions of the College and the Reunion.
Valerie Taylor e-mailed us with ideas and names/addresses of film schools in New England, suggesting we take advantage of the motivation, resources and low overhead of having a crew of grad students do some filming.
Alan Strell suggested that among our children might be professional filmmakers.
We were reminded that Marc Steiner probably knows filmmakers through his radio work. Judy will contact him.
Ned Depew reminded that Steve Elliot (in Maine) is a filmmaker. Ned will contact him.
Valerie Taylor and Steve Hecht will be overseeing/ coordinating the video documentation.
VALERIE TAYLOR v-taylor@pacbell.net or
STEVE HECHT s-hecht@ma.ultranet.com

The Reunion YEARBOOK is being coordinated by Nita Gage jgage@uhc.com

We'll be contacting the local Chamber of Commerce with basic info, including how to guide people to the Reunion web-site.
Starting July 1st, FRANCONIA COLLEGE DECALS and F.C. REUNION BUMPER STICKERS will be available for a minimum $25.00 Donation. The decal is the large format, official College decal; the bumper sticker proposed will read:
           SEARCH THE WEB
Send checks and a business-size SASE (don't forget this, please) to David Goldblatt 216 Grove Street, Littleton, N.H. 03561; David will send you your stuff.

So, folks, that was it. Except, of course, for the following repetition exercise:
- Let Howie or Natalie know by Aug. 1, 1999 if you're likely to be coming to the Reunion.
- S E N D   M O N E Y
- Let us know (Judy or Mark) if you would be willing to take 1-2 days off work if the Reunion were to be longer. Do you think others would?
- S E N D   M O N E Y
- If you want to work on the video documentation contact Valerie Taylor or Steve Hecht
- S E N D   M O N E Y
- If you want a College decal and bumper sticker, send $25. or more and a #10 self addressed stamped envelope to David Goldblatt after July 1, 1999
- S E N D   M O N E Y
AWARDS COMMITTEE (organize/coordinate/M.C. the various Awards Ceremonies/prizes, etc)
WALKING TOURS OF THE COLLEGE GROUNDS (30 minute walks, more or less)
ON-SITE SCULPTURE (Ned Depew said he can get us clay)
Contact Judy jwallace@ncia.net or mark mchain@yahoo.com if you want to take on any of the above.
So there it is, folks. Stay tuned for corrections, additions, disclaimers, updates, downdrafts and sidekicks . . .

This message brought to you by
Mark and Judy and Howie