The Franconia College Y2K Reunion Page is preserved here as an important historical artifact. Inexplicably the Smithsonian wasn't interested so we took care of it ourselves. Boy, are they gonna have to pay the big bucks when they realize what they missed out on.

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  • Why We're Here
  • Spread the word far and wide!
  • A word about the mailing list.

  • Planning Sessions

    Where have all the Planning Session Reports gone?


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    Who am us, anyway?


    Real Reunion Realities

    It's things you should know! Tell me now!

    It's the Registration Information Ration Station! Clue me in!

    It's the registration form! Registrate me!  

    It's the where-to-stay list! Places to stay. 

    It's the schedule! The reunion schedule.

    It's e-hitchhiking! Rides.

    It's the "this is it" name game! Who's coming?

    It's the memorial list! In memoriam.

    It's those wacky anagrams! Checkitout!

    It's about one you can't ingest! The Time Capsule!

    It's the Art Report! Art is entering the building!

    The outdated Realities have gone on Outreach!


    The Franconia Forum

    Say your peace at  The Franconia Forum

    The Heard List

    See who's checked in at  The Heard List

    The Big List of Names

    Could this be The Master List?

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    Tell me what'd you say?
    What'd you say?
    Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm baby what'd you say?

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