Franconia College Memorial List

as of August 13, 2000


The information presented here is based on submissions to the Franconia Bureau of Investigation.
Please don't read too much into the word "investigation".
Corrections and updates are requested.
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Alls, Artis murdered at home by unknown person 1984 or 85 Atlanta
Annala, Marcia 1972 NYC
Askia, Nathaniel July 1, 1998
Baldwin, Diana
Beech, Sam murdered
Bernath, Brent melanoma 1988
Blanchard, Harold
Botstein, Abigal killed by a car
Boufard, Tim lost his will to live after losing his second
lover and most of his friends to AIDS
Feb. 1, 2000
Bowens, Clifford
Brandon, Joe
Brennan, Kevin overdose
Buchmayer, Norbert automobile accident
Carruthers, John automobile accident 1972 (?) Mexico
Champney, Prentice
Costello, Toni jumped or was pushed off roof 1967 San Francicso
DeFiore, Eddie cancer early 90s
Denofrio, Felicia Brown
DeSantos, Rachel heart failure early 80s Sugar Hill
DiCicco, John  Viet Nam
Dorris, Michael suicide
Dowse, Grant
Kirschner, Pegge
airplane crash Feb. 1, 1985 Whitefield
Dubrovsky, Steve "Cisco" motorcycle accident June 25, 1972 Easton
Feuer, Mike overdose England
Fingado, Justin Rusty hit by pizza delivery truck May 1994 San Francisco
Gardiner, Jim fire, from smoking in bed
Goodale, John  medical late 70s
Goodman, Craig automobile accident late 70s
Heimlich, Gene
Horwitz, Mark AIDS
Hritz, Doug AIDS Nov.18, 1989
Hubbard, Ivan Muff HIV
Hymoff, Helene breast cancer May 1989
Jesser, Bonnie car accident summer 1965 Bethlehem Road
Junghans, Alexi alcohol poisoning 1999
Kelley, Larry 1995
Kellum, Henry  murdered by FBI (?) 1970
Kricker, John HIV
Kornblum, Katie suicide mid-80s
Kuwahara, Marty
Lacey, Don probable murder 1966 NYC
Lamm, Peter overdose
Macintosh, Grant 1998
MacLeod, Kip
Makarewicz, Ellen after accidently eating water hemlock, while
collecting and eating water cress
Feb 3, 1990  New Mexico
Maltese, Cynthia cancer
Martelino, Pat vehicle accident
Matthews, Ann pneumonia
McClendon, Eaker
Michel,  Charlie suicide 1968 Towson, MD
Miller, Flip
Miller, Jennifer
Molner, Eileen car accident 1972
Moody, Evan AIDS mid 90s
Oberling, Marthe
Offner, Buffy cancer
Pierce, Robert O. stomach ulcers 1976
Putz, George
Quinn, John suicide early 90s Las Vegas
Reed, Chuck hit by car Nov. 1967 Methuen, MA
Roberts, Jonathan "Chris" motorcycle accident 1989
Roberts, Timothy
Ruopp, Richard Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Nov. 97
Schaltenbrand, Alan mid-80s
Schneider, Nancy lung cancer mid-90s
Shaffer, Roger mid-70's
Shields, Roy
Silver, Robert died of being Robert Silver and all that entailed
Slocum, Sally complications of alcoholism Dec 31, 1994 Albany, NY
Spencer, Jeff
Stunzi, Paul
Symmes, Katy
Thiboudeau, Kevin
Tucker, Bill overdose 1976
Tyburski, Michael stroke
Waterman, Grant Doc  cancer 1971 or 1972 New York
Wheeler, Eleanor complications arising from diabetes 1981 Grapeview, Washington
Wheeler, George complications arising from old age 1997 Prague
Wheeler, Mary lung cancer 1992 Portland, Oregon
Wheeler, Nat acute gliosis 1995 Bainbridge Island, Washington
Yamonov, Batir


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