A word about the mailing list.


A word about the word about mailing list.

During the initial planning, having a mailing list seemed like a Real Good Idea. However, then we'd have both the mailing list and the Forum. This would be confusing at best and a duplication of effort (and add some significant maintenance) at worst. Applying the axiom, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" we've decided to let the Forum continue as our place for interactive correspondance.

One way to keep the Forum "up front" is to make it the "default" or "home" site in your browser. Then, every time you fire up your browser, the Forum will automagically pop up.

New words about the word about mailing list.

It's baaaack!

Are you tired of checking The Forum every few hours, only to see the same stuff? Have you been checking the reunion web site day after day and getting bored to tears? Just plain keep forgetting, or do you keep remembering when you can't do a thing about getting the latest Forum or reunion stuff? Is that what's troubling you, Bunky? Well I have good news for you! How would you like to automagically get a short message in your email mailbox whenever the reunion site gets updated, or when something important starts on the Forum? I've created an announce-only mailing list, and it's free and almost easy to join! First, go to http://www.onelist.com/ and under "Find a Community" enter:
and click on "Find It".
When the next screen comes up,
click on "Subscribe to this community"
and then follow the directions.
(If you're not already a member of onelist, you'll need to join - it's OK, they're pretty cool.) Once you've joined the FCY2K-ANNOUNCE list, you'll get a short email whenever the listowner (that's me) sends out an announcement. I promise to keep them short and to the point. (Reminds me of an improv I did for Theatre class!) Any questions? Email me.