The FCY2K Ponzi Scheme Chain Letter


Hey __________


I'm sending this to you to let you know that there will be a Franconia College Y2K Reunion! What better way to celebrate the last year of the twentieth century, or the first year of the twenty first century if that's how you see it? This is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime occasion! We're trying to contact every former Franconia community member; students, staff, faculty, administration and, of course, the non-grads, the non-students and the non-canines, and you can help. Send a copy of this letter to any former Franconians whose whereabouts you know. Then they do the same, and so on…



When: August 17-20, 2000

Where: Franconia, NH and environs

Franconia College Home Page:

Franconia Forum:

FCY2K Reunion Home Page:

Franconia College IRC Chat Room: under construction

Email contact: Howie Lyhte at but be sure to remove one of the double "h"s before sending.

Snailmail contact: Natalie Woodruffe
95 Fox Ridge Rd.
Littleton, NH 03561



Go to the FC Home Page. Wander around. Go to the "Heard List" and see how many names you recognize. Email Fred and get yourself listed. Go to the Forum, see what folks are talking about, fire off a reply or start a thread of your own. Check out the FCY2K Home Page and see what the latest info is, and where it came from. Get in touch with Howie or Natalie and let them know if you're interested in going to the FCY2K Reunion (no commitment here), what years you were at Franconia, how many people you might bring and if there are any special needs we can help with.. Go to the Forum with the question, "Hey, anyone know what ever happened to _____?" (an acceptable fill-in is always "me"). Start dredging up all of your collectibles, prizes, art, memorabilia, photos and other artifacts.

But most importantly, send copies of this to every Franconian you know!