Things To Know

One thing that has changed greatly since we were here in the 60s and 70s is that driving while intoxicated is now taken very seriously, and is shown little tolerance. There is limited taxi service, so please plan ahead and designate drivers who will safely cart your sorry butt back to where you'll be spending the night. Of course, the state and local gendarmerie can provide the same service, except they will choose your final destination. Let's also look out for one another and not let anyone behind the wheel who shouldn't be there.

Dig out an old college ID or drivers license. Now look in a mirror. Go on, do it! You've gotten older. So has everyone else. You will both come to accept this and be constantly surprised by it!

Visiting the college site can be pretty hard. The Main Building, Xanadu, the Pool House (and the pool for that matter), the Log Cabin, Alice and Henry's are gone. Eliot's Field is now a stump dump. There is a hole where the soccer field was. A big hole. A humongous hole. It it bigger than you are imagining right now.

You may meet someone who you were totally tight with who won't remember you. You may meet someone who's really really excited about seeing you again and have no idea who they are. It's probably best not to react to the former with rejection and the latter with bullshit. It has been a long, long time!

The entire area on the surface of the Earth that you remember as being Franconia College is now private property. We will be there by the good graces of the present owners. Please stay off the land east of The Road. Everything you remember there is gone, anyway, and people are living there now. Also, please respect the "No Parking" signs and the directions of the folks who will be there during the post-road rally picnic. And please carry out everything you carry in so we can leave the area in the same condition as we found it.