This is the "official" web site for all information regarding the Franconia College Y2K Reunion. Feel free to explore all the links you find here. To summarize what's here:

ANNOUNCEMENTS contains a list of all the latest information.

PLANNING SESSIONS contains the minutes of the planning committee. Since none of the committee wears a watch, take the word "minutes" in the broadest possible way. The info on the next meeting will also be here. Everyone is always welcome at the meetings.

THE FRANCONIA FORUM is a link to, you guessed it, the Franconia Forum. Here you can read what others have said and reply to them, or start your own thread. This is Fred Findling's creation.

THE HEARD LIST is a link to, yup, the FC Heard list. This is a list, also created by Fred, of FCers who have submitted their email addresses and web pages. You'll note the absence of hyperlinks to anyone on the Heard List and also on these pages. This is for your protection against spambots. On the Heard List you will find out how to get to the hyperlinks. If you're not listed on the Heard list, what are you waiting for? Go to the Heard list and contact Fred today!

FEEDBACK is the place for your words. Simply email Howie with the text, and he'll take it from there. He may even come up with an "interesting" title for your submission.

RUMOR CONTROL is where rumors can be posted and The Truth will prevail.